Risk Management

7/2/2022 8:11:46 PM


   Risk Management Committee     

The Risk Management Committee was formed by a decision of the CEO in 2019. It is a permanent committee within the Office of Strategy and Excellence\ Institutional Research and Quality Measurement. The committee reports to the Chief Executive’s office to maintain transparency and compliance with international standards in this regard.

The committee is concerned with developing a comprehensive risk management framework for the college, overseeing the implementation of risk management tasks in order to minimize the possibility of variation and uncertainty regarding goals achievement and performance of the various organizational units, and maintain the correct application of safety measures. It aims to ensure that each organizational unit carries out its duties with regard to identifying, analyzing, evaluating and managing the risks faced by the college, including those that appear at first sight unlikely to happen.

The committee also seeks to raise awareness towards risk management in the college at different organizational units, and support senior management to overcome challenges and develop policies, systems and controls in line with international standards.


   Strategic Goals of the Committee:     

Develop risk management strategies

- Promote Risk Culture in the college

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