Performance Indicators and Benchmarking

12/7/2022 8:04:36 PM

Evaluation is one of the important processes carried out by the Office of Strategy and Excellence at Imam Malik College, in order to measure the level of quality and make correct decisions based on a clear vision in all administrative and academic aspects. This enables the college to renew program academic accreditations, and obtain other local and international institutional accreditations, which leads to improving its local and international ranking. Accordingly, we monitor the performance indicators at all levels to compare the college with other leading educational institutions in the same field in order to benefit from them and determine the level of performance quality.

The main performance indicators of Imam Malik College are derived from the following sources:

- Standards of the Commission of Academic Accreditation in the UAE (CAA)

- Requirements of the Center for Higher Education Data and Statistics (CHEDS)

- Requirements of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

- Performance indicators approved in the strategic plan.

الكلمات الدليلية: الشريعة, القانون, الإمام مالك, كلية, دبى, الإمارات , الشريعة والقانون.