Compulsory Internship

7/2/2022 8:00:28 PM


The mandatory internship is part of the study plan. Students are required to enroll in the internship program to engage in the working environment and gain the experience needed to put into practice theoretical knowledge they learned in the college. The Division of Practical Training and Career Guidance contacts the contractors to conduct training according to pre-agreed specifications. The development and internship program is the link between the college and the community institutions involved in the training process.

Internship Goals: 

1 - To prepare students for professional life after graduation.

2 -To improve the students' capabilities 

3 - To develop students' skills to assume responsibilities after graduation..

4- To engage students in the working life.

Internship Requirements: 

1. Students may enroll in the internship program after completing 90 credit hours and the cumulative average shall not be less than 70%.
2 - In order to pass the internship program, students must complete a minimum of 90 training hours and a maximum of 120 hours of training. The passing grade is 70% (good).
3 - Internship is a compulsory requirement for Law students.

Internship Laws: 

1 - Commit to the official working hours in the institution where the internship is conducted.
2 - Represent the college well and commit to work ethics and regulations.
3 - Maintain confidentiality of the information shared with the trainee at the training site.
4 - Never miss training for any reason. In the event of absence due to force majeure, the institution and the academic supervisor must be notified immediately.
5- Carry out all assigned tasks related to the departments where the training takes place.
6 - Exploit the opportunity to the fullest to benefit from the various experiences in the different departments and avoid wasting time. 
7- Students are not allowed to change the training institution but when necessary and with the approval of the manager of the Development and Internship Office at the college.
8 - Notify the academic advisor or the field supervisor of problems encountered during the internship program immediately.

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