Dean's Message

10/4/2023 5:39:31 PM
كلية الإمام مالك للشريعه والقانون

Dean's Message 

Dear students of Imam Malik College for Sharia and Law, 

Since its establishment by prof. Dr. Shaikh Issa mane' Al-Himiari, the college has become a leading institution in the fields of Sharia and law, operating under an innovation system in the Emirate of Dubai led by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Its approach is inspired by his vision, so that it became an icon of endless success, thanks to its loyal students who achieved this glory.

 I am honored to be the dean of this college, and determined to spare no effort to achieve more progress. I welcome you to our college, wishing you all the best. Humans, from cradle to grave, are striving. In this journey, they need a beacon of hope and light. Our college, bearing the name of a famous Islamic scholar and an imam of a school of jurisprudence, is an embodiment of this.

Imam Malik college offers undergraduate programs in Sharia and Law, in addition to three graduate programs, which are: public law, private law and jurisprudence and its foundations. It is a wellspring for qualified cadres supported by eminent professors recruited from well-known universities. I urge you to benefit from their knowledge, and engage in the valuable activities of the college in order to be like our students who held high positions after graduation, so they were the best ambassadors for Imam Malik college.

Welcome to Imam Malik College for Sharia and Law. I wish you every success for the future. 

Dr. Khalid Ra'fat – The Dean of the college

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