2/5/2023 10:40:03 PM

The college is keen to establish international cooperative relations with leading academic institutions around the world in order to develop knowledge and improve the quality of life for all. The college will be always dedicated to its mission and the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, by providing high-quality experience in education, as well as in the areas of developing and disseminating knowledge and through research, engaging its graduates in the fields of sustainable human development at the state level, as well as the international level to manage intractable problems that the world suffers from.

It also develops the general five-year strategic plan periodically and follows up with those involved the stages of implementation. The institutional research and quality measurement unit makes sure that program goals are achieved. , The Academic Affairs and Planning unit coordinates with the Scientific Council to develop the five-year strategic plan for scientific research.

In addition, the Academic Affairs and Planning conducts all studies required to open new academic programs and departments in the college, and follows up with those responsible for preparing the files for accreditation. It also arrange for signing scientific and research partnerships with similar academic institutions inside and outside the country.

الكلمات الدليلية: الشريعة, القانون, الإمام مالك, كلية, دبى, الإمارات , الشريعة والقانون.